Direct Driver Application Advertising Program

Our marketing approach is straightforward and effective. We provide direct advertising to drivers, flexible job location options, collaboration with our trusted partner sites, a dedicated page for your company, and a smooth ATS integration.

Setting New Standards in Truck Driver Recruitment

The trucking recruitment realm is constantly evolving, demanding both dynamic and efficient solutions. Enter We've crafted a robust fusion of marketing and advertising mechanisms aimed at connecting you with the industry's finest truck drivers. With TDJ, it goes beyond just amassing applicants; we focus on channeling calls and applications from the most suited candidates for your roles.

Our platform is dedicated to providing you with a competitive edge. Through our Unlimited Job Location Targeting, your job listings are accessible to drivers regardless of their location. Our solid partnerships with leading job platforms ensure your positions gain optimal visibility, reaching the right candidates. The user-friendly Job Landing Pages we offer simplifies the application process for potential drivers, showcasing your roles effectively.

Our goal is to streamline and enhance your recruitment. Every driver expressing interest undergoes our thorough Prequalification process, ensuring you engage with only the most compatible candidates. Furthermore, our Direct ATS Integration effortlessly aligns with your current systems, simplifying application management.

We're not just a one-time solution; we're your long-term partner. We consistently offer monthly Performance Reports, enabling you to gauge your listings' performance and areas of refinement. Collaborate with and experience a transformative approach to your trucking recruitment strategy.

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