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Boost your hires and give your team the tools to reach out and recruit top drivers using chatbots, text messages, and email pathways.

AppMate: Turning Leads into Full Applications Through Advanced AI

In trucking recruitment, generating leads is only half the battle; turning those leads into complete applications is the real win. That's where "AppMate" steps in. We harness advanced AI chatbots and strategic outreach, making sure potential drivers not only express interest but also round off their applications, all set for your Tenstreet ATS.

Where it really gets exciting is with our AI chatbots. These aren't just basic automated replies; they're built for genuine, real-time engagement. This ensures potential drivers feel valued and understood, prompting them to take the next step and finish their applications.

But it doesn't stop at chatbots. We employ a combined approach of instant SMS and expansive email campaigns. So, whether a driver's grabbing a quick coffee or settling down with their inbox, we're right beside them, encouraging that next move. The goal? Changing that initial curiosity into a full-fledged application in your Tenstreet ATS.

This method packs a punch. Quicker interactions lead to faster conversions. Personalized messages keep potential hires invested and attentive. By seamlessly transitioning from simple interest to application finalization, we help you secure the best talent without the usual recruitment hurdles.

Here’s the cherry on top: as our tech pulls all the weight, your leads and all associated data remain solely in your domain. Leveraging client-exclusive databases, your leads stay safeguarded, ready, and set for conversion. Explore the future of recruitment with AppMate, where tech and tactics merge to ensure top-notch outcomes in your Tenstreet ATS.

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